Pete Gazlay, President

Pete founded TFC in 2010 with his wife Linda. He started in the industry with a national company servicing Fortune 500 corporate campuses and brought that service level to the local market. He loves seeing people grow and reaching their dreams and is often thinking up new and better ways for TFC to serve our customers. When not at work he loves spending time with his family, including nine grandchildren, being outdoors anywhere in the Rocky Mountains, and especially fly-fishing. His first job was starting a lawn mowing company with a friend.

Leland Kehler, Vice President

Leland started working for TFC in 2018 as our Vice President after spending 30 years in the retail world. He oversees all our operations team and works extensively with the team members and our clients. Leland loves to help people grow personally, financially, and professionally. When he’s not at work, he loves spending time with his family. Most people don’t know Leland’s first job was on a farm, and in the 1990s he owned a hog farm in Wiggins, CO.

Allisha Parsons, Human Resources Manager

Allisha oversees all TFC’s people functions. She started with TFC in 2016 as an HR Generalist. Her favorite part of her job is being able to interact with everyone at TFC and make a difference for them. Her first job was an Easter Bunny Assistant, and then she had to fill in as the Easter Bunny. When not at work, she likes playing with her dogs, backpacking, sewing, camping, and fishing. Most people wouldn’t know that Allisha knows a lot about cars, and she had to change the engine out on her first car. (Her dad may have helped a little.)

Josh Glenn, Operations Manager

Josh is our Fort Collins operations manager and he loves working with TFC clients. He joined TFC in 2019 as a night manager and was promoted in October of 2020 into his current role. Josh loves developing people and improving processes – several members of his team have advanced into other roles at TFC. When he’s not at work, he enjoys time with his friends and family. Not many people know he was a gymnast at one time and played college and semi-pro football.

Jason Grasseschi, Operations Manager

Jason started at TFC in 2014 as a projects tech and has worked in all phases of operations since then. He is our Projects Team Operations Manager and oversees all our seasonal and special projects. He first started working in his family restaurant at 13 washing dishes and being a prep cook. Jason loves solving TFC puzzles (like our schedules) and catching monkey wrenches. He also loves sharing his industry knowledge and coaching others. When not working, he loves hanging out with Sweet Face (Jana) and engaging in shenanigans. Most people don’t know he was the lead singer for a popular local metal band for 20 years.

Maxine Verbit, Operations Manager

Maxine has been with TFC since 2019 and started in her current role as our Greeley, Loveland, Windsor operations manager. She enjoys working with our customers and getting to know them. When not at work Maxine likes to research things on the internet like Easter Island. Who inhabited Easter Island? Where did they come from? Why did they build the large statues? While a judge for the Loveland Derby Amateur Ski Race for 10 years, Maxine met a lot of Olympic skiers.

Cindy Ramos, Office Manager

Cindy is our office manager. She started at TFC in 2016 as our Creator of First Impressions and is the hub for our clients and team members. Her first job was working at a Sonic Drive-In – she never dropped an order while she was roller skating! She loves serving people and supporting the amazing team at TFC. When not at work, she loves spending time with her family, doing hair for other people, and overcleaning her house.