Facility Maintenance Services


We want your building to look and feel safe and welcoming to your employees and customers. We use our expertise to create a customized plan to care for your building based on its type and how you use it. Services we can provide include:

Relamping / Lighting

You can call an electrician, but you probably don’t want to pay his $95.00 an hour or more to change light bulbs. We can change the lamps and ballast and mark the fixtures that need electrical expertise so you can spend your money where it’s really needed.

We can also help you implement a green lighting program that will save money on energy costs. This typically includes the latest in occupant sensors, LED lamps and fixtures, and exterior lighting. Even if you upgraded to T-8 lighting a few years back, there are many rebates available on lighting to help you achieve your ROI quickly.

Painting and Patching, Installing Pictures, Whiteboards, Corkboards, & More

We have professional painters on staff who will make your walls look like new. We can repair a few nail holes or a large hole in the wall and retexture it so no one could tell it was ever there. We can re-paint your entire office or building, or just paint that conference room wall that keeps getting dinged where the chairs hit it. We can even install a chair rail so the wall doesn’t get dinged! We can hang that new picture in the president’s office or ensure your newest conference room has the whiteboard it needs.  Let us know what you need. We’re happy to take care of it!

Minor Plumbing

The average service call for a plumber just to show up costs $149.00. We’ll charge you only for our time and any materials we use for repairs. We can fix that toilet that just keeps running or update your restroom with touchless fixtures. We can replace that broken soap, toilet paper or paper towel dispenser. We can also clear minor clogs. If the job needs a skilled tradesperson, we can call or refer you to one of our trusted partners, so you don’t need to worry about it.

What Else Can We Do?

Some other common facility maintenance issues we take care of include:

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